Wood Crates For a Safe Transport Of Your Goods


Wood crates are large containers which often contain products that you want to assure are transferred between A to B in a secure way. They are suitable to use to transport dangerous, fragile or heavy goods. They come in various sizes, and can also be custom-made based on what your company want to transport. This is a great way to ensure that your product will arrive to it’s end-point intact. Another thing to think about is the weight of your product, this because different type of wood are being used to create the crate based on how heavy the goods are.

There are different type of crates in various materials, including wooden, plastic or metal. The sort of wood that are used is usually plywood or timber woods. Wood crates should be constructed in a special way to ensure that the crate can carry and keep the product safe. There are three different ways to design wood crates, usually called open, framed or closed. An example is the open framed wood crate who often is constructed with wooden planks that surround the product, and are being nailed together in the edges. The safest way to carry products in is through a closed box, where you also can surround the content with protective materials, as foam insert, if necessary.

Which way you choose to design the box in should be based upon the characteristics of the product that are being transported, and also what conditions it will end up in. Various conditions can affect the wooden crate in the different steps of the transport. It can be about pressure, temperature and humidity that can affect the durability of the crate or even the product itself.

When you want to export goods wood crates are a great choice, especially because it’s cost-effective and practical. It can be carried by road, sea or air. Wood is also a sustainable material that can be used for a long time and which also can be repaired if it’s damaged for a longer durability. If the crate should be stored or used for industry it can be useful to use a wood crate that is constructed with a pallet in the bottom for easier transportation when it has reached it’s destination. Another feature is to design the box in a way so the unpacking of it can be easily done.

Writen by Orlagh